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Game Changer: Mobile & Application-Development And Cloud Development

Take our virtual elevator ride through the world of automotive IT


More and more, cars are becoming mobile devices on wheels, which are under way not just on our roads, but also in the cloud. This means that, in the next few years, the software in a car will increase to account for 40 to 60 percent of its value.


Calibrated for a networked future - Automotive IT Development

EDAG mobile services

Even now, there are already an estimated 7,000 different data points in a medium-sized vehicle, permanently transmitting and receiving not just driving data, the state of operating materials and individual components, but also the vehicle's environmental data. More and more, therefore, smart vehicles are developing into a fully integrated component in the mobility ecosystem.

EDAG Software & Digitalisation relies on its established IT manpower in software development and combines mobility in mobile & application development and cloud development with countless added values from connected services.

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First mover – How IT innovations gain momentum

EDAG working on Web Solutions

We support our internal and external customers with web portal solutions or apps with a focus on vehicle-related services. In doing so, we combine standardised IT development processes wherever possible with agile methods that fit our customers' product development process (PDP).

  • standardized IT development processes
  • agile methods
  • suitable to the product development process of our customers

The result: an agile project setup at all development levels - for maximum transparency and efficiency along the entire IT process chain, from the initial requirements elicitation and software architecture to implementation and system testing.

We don't need to be told how car IT vehicle systems work, we help design them.

Torsten Rohde
IT Development
Torsten Rohde
EDAG Mobilität 4.0

Mobility 4.0

Refers to the path towards multimodal and intelligent mobility. Digitalisation and networking of all stakeholders as well as new transport offers and technologies play a decisive role and create potentials for designing and redesigning mobility offers in a demand-oriented and flexible way.

Source: Fraunhofer Institute for material flow and logistics

Digitalization and Software as Drivers of our Mobility

Since 2019, the Association of German Engineers has been inviting experts from industry, business and research to its podcast series "Technik aufs Ohr" (Technology Talks), to examine subjects that move society.  

In episode 91, Heiko Herchet, Sales Manager for Software and Digitalization at the EDAG Group, reports on why not just data and networking, but also we, the consumers, are the drivers of Mobility 4.0.

Only available in German

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Mobility 4.0 - Software and IT for an entire automotive cosmos

We develop a wide variety of app and web applications in the environment of Mobility 4.0. Entirely according to customer requirements. This includes technologies such as native apps for Android and iOS smartphones as well as hybrid mobile apps. Our strengths:

Menschen entwickeln App- und Webanwendungen


EDAG IT-Entwicklung

IT Development

Two people discuss strategies

Automotive IT

  • Apps (OS ObjectiveC, Swift | Android, Java, Kotlin)
  • Web-/Desktop development (Javascript Frameworks, Angular, Vue.js, Vaadin, HTML/CSS, Hybrid Apps with Cordova, Elektron for iOS, Android and Windows as well as progressive web apps)
  • Backend development / Software Development und IT operations (Dev-Ops)

IT development in the best hands:


61 Backend­ developer
37 Frontend­ developer
24 Product Owner
22 Software Experts
10 Data Scientists
9 UX/UI Designer
Christoph Straub
Consultant Deep-Learning
Bechtle GmbH

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Christoph Straub
Consultant Deep-Learning
Bechtle GmbH

Connected Services – the connection of the vehicle to the outside world

Like any smartphone application, all current vehicles have a data connection to the cloud and to the IT infrastructure. We create our own use cases in the vehicle environment for our customers. For example:

Digitales Auto

trive.park, a platform for digital parking services

EDAG Angestellte arbeiten an Mobilitätskonzepten

EDAG CityBot, the integration of the innovative IoT mobility and service concept into a comprehensive ecosystem

IT, die den Unterschied macht

We are not only familiar with technologies such as AWS, Azure, Kafka and Docker, but also with the entire vehicle world with its networked bus technologies.

In addition to developing the services, we can also take over the operation and service of the cloud applications. At the same time, we transfer lived digital technology into the vehicle world in order to integrate already established methods from IT development there as well.

Shared knowledge

Everything we learn with our own product solutions or product-like applications, such as the app trive.park, we also pass on to our customers.

This is win-win for everyone and a door opener for custom-fit IT solutions for every customer requirement.

Alexander Süssemilch

Through EDAG, we were able to successfully place the smart parking service on the market. The experienced digitalisation team was able to implement our product requirements in a targeted manner from the initial idea to the launch and operation. The perfect UX/UI and a "state of the art software stack" are trend-setting for the mobility industry.

Alexander Süssemilch
Managing Director

An excerpt of our UseCases: Tech Insights with practical examples


Actively shaping change - not at some point Now!

Torsten Rohde

The future is fully connected. In Mobility 4.0, IT competencies such as mobile & application development and cloud are becoming the key to a new mobility ecosystem.

Torsten Rohde
Team Leader
IT Development